Mummy's Mask

The Adventures Begin

Session 1

The Pharaoh of Osirion has finally chosen to open the necropolis of Wati, the Half-City, for exploration. Adventurers from across the Inner Sea have gathered to await their assignments within the lottery held by the Sebti the Crocodile, and her priests of Pharasma.
Among the brave souls awaiting entrance to the necropolis is Ezekiel, an aasimar oracle of the Wind;Ikeda Ryoko, a catfolk warrior from Tien; Ludo Bloodfeather, a wandering tengu barbarian; and Renjara Alfarsi, the Katapeshi aasimar witch.
As each explorer and glory-seeker entered their name into the lists held by the Grand Mausoleum, Pharasma’s priests grouped those who came alone with others, hoping that, with numbers, these would-be tomb robbers would not end up needing to be interred in the crypts and grave-sites they were exploring.
As luck would have it, Ezekiel, Ryoko, Ludo, and Renjara were selected to band together in their explorations. All four of them had ended up staying at the Tooth & Hookah, where, after a few hesitations, and some slight misgivings, finally decided to introduce themselves to each other.
The day of the lottery arrived, and our newly established companions went to receive their first location assignment together. After the benediction to Pharasma, Sebti and her acolytes began calling the adventuring groups one by one and informing them of their assigned location within the necropolis to explore. After being informed the they would be exploring the Tomb of Ahkentepi, our companions checked their gear, obtained a suite for themselves, and had a night out on the town.
Morning came a bit too quickly for them, however, and the long night they spent sampling the local fare and customs gave them a late start. By the time they had arrived at the gates to the necropolis, the rest of the adventuring groups had already entered.
It took the companions under an hour to arrive at Ahkentepi’s Tomb, and another hour or so to dig the sand out from the doors so they could be opened.
Upon entering the tomb, the party discovered that it contained an underground section, and proceeded to climb down. Ludo, had some issues climbing, and fell, taking minor damage from the impact. As everyone arrived in the lower chamber, they found that they weren’t the first to make it this far, as the desiccated corpse laying nearby showed. Fortunately, the fact the fact that it clearly had broken both it’s legs in a fall, gave credence to the idea that no one had made it further than this first chamber.



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